No Place Like Home For Pets
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About Me

My name is Candis Condo and I live in the Pearl District - a great place to live. After working in the corporate/hi-tech world as a technical writer/technical publications manager/consultant (Intel, C-COR, Tektronix, ESI) for almost 30 years, I decided that I wanted to do something very different -- something involving pets. I also wanted a job that could not be offshored to Bangalore.

I have been a volunteer dog walker at the Oregon Humane Society and have rescued many senior pets -- sometimes having as many as four dogs at once, the maximum number allowed by the county. I have adopted senior dogs that were going to be euthanized at the Clackamas County Animal Shelter and the Multnomah County Animal Shelter. The wonderful staff at both shelters do the very best that they can but sometimes the results are still euthanasia. I have bargained with rescues when I could not take any more dogs under my care by offering to vet the dog including shots, wellness examine and neutering or spaying the animal, and I have saved a life or two in that way. I rescued a middle-aged collie/sheltie mix at the Multnomah shelter. This dog had been hit by a car and she needed surgery. She also had two huge fatty tumors that needed to be removed. She had been brought in as a "stray" by people who seemed to know her quite well. Her only option at the shelter was euthanasia. I adopted her, had her hips surgically repaired, and the tumors removed. I then took her to Back On Track for physical therapy and rehomed the dog with a young senior citizen who wanted a traveling companion. What a great match!

I am committed to making a difference.

Contact me today to schedule a free appointment, where I can meet you and your pets, before making your first reservation with me.


Bonded & Insured, American Red Cross Pet First Aid certified
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