No Place Like Home For Pets
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kinds of services do you provide? 

Sometimes with a senior pet, you just need someone to come by, give  medications, change a diaper, and interact with your pet. If you have a young, high-energy dog that needs to go to the dog park and play, play, play, I can make that happen. If you have a dog-dog reactive dog that needs a walk on lead but not be allowed to go off on another dog, let's talk about how I might provide that service.  If you need someone to walk your dog long distances, I can do that too. If you just want someone to play ball with your dog, that's something else I can do. If you want a tired dog, I can make that happen. Do you want me to use a head harness (sometimes called a Gentle Leader® or Halti)? I have used them and can do so properly. I recommend the Easy Walk Harness and have several that I can show you and demo how they work with your dog.

Some cats love to play with string or a laser or just want a lap to sit on for a while. Sometimes a cat doesn't want to sit on a lap but prefers to lie by someone on a sofa and be stroked. Other cats decide how much if any interaction they might want. I try to shape my interaction to meet your pet's needs. I never push unwanted attention on a shy or reserved animal.

Q. How do I get to know you and see if my pets are comfortable with you? 

First contact me and I will email my service contract to you. Our first appointment is a free, 30 minute appointment where we both get to see how your pets react to me and you can ask me any questions about the forms or anything else that concerns you about your pets.

Q. What insurance do you provide for my pets and home? 

No Place Like Home For Pets is covered by a top A-rated commercial liability insurance policy purchased through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC of which I am a member. This policy protects your home and your pets when under my care.

Q. How do I pay you and when?

Based on the terms of your service contract which you will sign at our first meeting, I will determine the total fee. This fee is based on the number of pets that you have. Please see rates and services.

Payment is due on or before the first scheduled visit to your home to take care of your pets. You can write a check, give me cash with cash being much preferred, or use a credit card. I will provide a receipt. As a new client, you can give a 50% deposit to make certain that you are happy with the services I provide and give me the rest within 5 days of your return.

Contact me today to schedule a free appointment, where I can meet you and your pets, before making your first reservation with me.


Bonded & Insured, American Red Cross Pet First Aid certified

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