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House Keys
At our initial complementary visit, you will provide me with an extra set of keys to your home along with a completed service agreement. I keep your keys locked in a safe in my home office. I keep information about which key belongs to which house in a separate locked box. For first time customers, I will return your key free of charge. I NEVER leave the key inside the house just in case there is a delay in your return. After that first time, I charge $20 to drive over and return the key. Most of my clients are happy to leave the key with me in case they suddenly need to go out of town.  

Payment is expected on or before the first scheduled visit to take care of your pets. You may pay by check, cash (I'll provide a receipt) or credit card. Cash is preferred. New clients may give me a 50% deposit to insure that they are happy with the service I provide. Full payment is due 5 days after your return.

Notice that Others Might Be in Your Home
If you have adult children who might be dropping by your home, or a contractor or a cleaning lady, be sure you let me know. If you forget, don't be surprised if I call the police. This is for my safety. Thank you for your understanding.

Cancellation Notice/Return Policy

  • Please give me as much notice as you can. I do not charge for cancellations or rescheduled visits made 24 hours in advance.
  • It is your responsibility to let me know you have returned home. If I don't hear from you, I will assume you are not home and will come over to check on your pets. I will charge you for this visit. I will NEVER assume that things are just fine and you are home. The pets' well being comes first. I will check on them.

Contact me today to schedule a free appointment, where I can meet you and your pets, before making your first reservation with me.


Bonded & Insured, American Red Cross Pet First Aid certified


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